Winning Focus, Inc.
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Litigation Stress Coaching.

Even when the most advanced risk-management techniques have been executed, physicians may still find themselves in a Medical Malpractice lawsuit.

Winning Focus, Inc. was established to provide Successful Litigation Stress Coaching (SLSC) and expand the benefits of traditional witness preparation.

Our SLSC Proprietary Protocol represents the next necessary, advanced step beyond up-front forms of risk management, counseling, and coaching. It is the foundation of successful witness preparation. SLSC enables the physician-defendant to step out of their state of anxiety to:

  • Engage in centered decision-making
  • Grasp the tools necessary to ensure a better outcome to their case
  • Increase personal well-being, quality of patient care, and patient satisfaction

Beyond Risk Management Protocol

Successful Litigation Stress Coaching is a positive, image shaping service designed to

  • Improve physician appearance as a witness and relatability to a jury
  • Improve attorney/physician communication
  • Bring about beneficial results toward the successful resolution of the case
  • Increase physician overall well-being, and
  • Decrease the potential for future medical error.

Most, if not all, litigation cases have a certain level of anxiety and stress. Recognizing this, Winning Focus, Inc. has developed a proprietary protocol that uniquely identifies and resolves the psychological triggers that occur in civil litigation.

Professionally, “We Have Your Back”

We have assembled a cadre of extraordinary coaches with diverse personal and professional backgrounds. All coaches are certified, and many are published leaders in their respective field of expertise.

At Winning Focus, Inc., we have one main goal: to develop centered-thinking physician-defendants who are capable of making decisive, clear, and balanced decisions. Unclouded by emotional disequilibrium, they will be more receptive to their attorney’s legal recommendations.

Now is the time to get Winning Focus, Inc.’s Successful Litigation Stress Coaching working for you.

Take advantage of the industry’s most advanced step beyond risk management.

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