Winning Focus, Inc.
Your Premier Source for Successful
Litigation Stress Coaching.

Even when the most advanced Crisis Management techniques have been executed, physicians may still find themselves in a Medical Malpractice lawsuit.

Winning Focus, Inc. was established for the purpose of continuing and expanding the benefits of Successful Litigation Stress Coaching (SLSC).

Our SLSC Protocol represents the next, necessary, advanced step beyond up-front forms of crisis management, counseling and coaching. We identify and focus on resolving the real obstacle: Who, What, When—which is at the heart of the situation. By identifying and resolving the “obstacle,” the process of achieving a lasting resolution, greatly reducing the possibility of repeat incidents and successfully getting on with life, can be attained and finalized.

Beyond Crisis Management Protocol

Successful Litigation Stress Coaching is a positive, image shaping service, designed to improve attorney/physician communication and expedite beneficial results in Medical Malpractice cases.

Most, if not all, litigation cases have a certain level of anxiety and stress. Recognizing this, Winning Focus, Inc. has developed their SLSC Protocol to strengthen the overall well-being of the physician and utilize the attorney’s time and efforts more efficiently.

Professionally, “We Have Your Back”

We have assembled a cadre of extraordinary, diversely experienced coaches – all certified professionals. Many are published leaders in their specific fields of expertise.

At Winning Focus, Inc. the goal of our superior coaching services is to provide centered thinking physician/clients who are capable of making decisive, clearly balanced decisions. Also, having a much greater understanding and appreciation of the efforts being made on their behalf, they will be more receptive to the legal recommendations being made by their attorney.

Now is the time to get Winning Focus, Inc.’s Successful Litigation Stress Coaching working for your firm. Call 724.875.4111 for more comprehensive information. Take advantage of the industry’s most advanced step beyond crisis management.