Dear Mr. W,

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic began I received an email from (Professional Medical Malpractice Liability Company) offering counseling services through Winning Focus, Inc. regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The email was quite coincidental, perhaps even providential, in that I was in the midst of extreme insomnia related to intense and long work-hours and the uncertainties of COVID-19. While things were going well during the day, I could hardly sleep at night. Medication was not an option for me since I need to remain focused. I had never spoken with a counselor before, and despite my experience in Medicine, did not really know what to expect from a patient’s perspective. I responded to the email and spoke with Gail Fiore at Winning Focus. She has been absolutely wonderful assisting me over the past several weeks providing online sessions through the counselors at Winning Focus. She and the other therapists went “the extra mile” tailoring the sessions and individual counselors to my specific issues. Follow-up and availability was excellent. Most surprising to me, especially in the context of the on-line environment, was the genuine rapport and concern I experienced from everyone involved. Their recommendations and strategies have been extremely helpful. I am sure these efforts will continue to enhance my practice during these difficult times I am a middle-aged male in the rural Deep South where counseling is still taboo. So, I was reluctant even to send you this note. However, I want to let you know of my appreciation for Gail and the outstanding service that I received from Winning Focus and to offer my sincere gratitude to you and (Professional Medical Malpractice Liability Company) for providing this service to me. I trust you will keep my name in confidence, but feel free to share this testimony with your staff.

J.B.C., MD

I wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how appreciative I am of the relationship (Professional Medical Malpractice Liability Company) has with the Winning Focus Company. This past summer I was already struggling with being a full-time physician, sole breadwinner in the family, mother of 3 small children, daughter to physically and mentally ill parents who in addition to needing help from me were now no longer able to take for my special needs adult sister. When stress was already VERY high, I was served papers for medical malpractice. The case itself I just didn’t understand. The incident occurred 8 years ago and the patient has been my patient since that time. This came at me from totally out of the blue. And I was/am crushed. It was like I was watching the security of my nuclear and extended family disappear.

Working with Winning focus was life-saving. I was able to understand more about the legal predicament I was in. Armed with that information, I was in a better position to ask appropriate questions to my lawyers. I had a sense of relief that their support system was in place to assist me in this long and (for me) arguous process. They were able to assist me in how to frame my thoughts with my extended family so that I could stop being overwhelmed and start to cope.

I would love to stay that even one of my problems is resolved, but that would be a lie. Still, I am in a strong mental position to deal with all that background noise, and remain focused on my patients when I am at work. I am able to be the wife and mother I want to be. I can not say enough good things about my interactions with Winning Focus. I know that I would not be in the position I am today without their support.

K.H., MD

My name is A. S. and I am a third year family medicine resident at XXX Memorial in ( City). This past year I was named in a case, and a month ago I reached out to Michelle H. regarding sources of support- particularly for people I could talk to confidentially.

Michelle directed me to Winning Focus, I called Gail, and I was set up with a counselor/coach, Dr Peter Druian, immediately. Gail called me today to check in about how things we’re going, and I gave my positive review. She suggested I let you know too.

I have been so very thankful for this service. The distress of being named is a lot for any physician, let alone one in training. Talking with Dr. Druian has provided me with a confidential outlet, a healthy reframing of reality when it is easy to lose confidence, new coping skills, and an assurance that this resource will be available throughout the duration of the case. I am sleeping better and feeling less anxiety.

I am so thankful that (Professional Medical Malpractice Liability Company) provides this – I would not have been able to find (or even afford) this resource on my own. Physician wellness is a hot topic and I can honestly say this service is preventing significant “un-wellness” in my life and job. I believe even after the case is finished, the coping skills learned will continue to make me a better doctor and person.

Thank you to (Professional Medical Malpractice Liability Company) for providing this service,
A. S., MD

Dear Gail,

Thank you again for matching me up with Dr. Peter Druian. He helped me much seeing the situation in a different perspective. I am looking forward to talking to him tomorrow. Below is the copy of the letter to Mr. D. Let me know when you receive this email.

Thank you for your concern.

With warmest regards,
T. K.,M.D.

I am an anesthesiologist in St. Louis with 30+ years of practice. I had a bad outcome in May of 2018. The patient’s family filed the law suit recently. Ms. Angela P., Ms. Bonnie B., Mr. Mark G. and Mr. David B.have been helping me greatly during this tumultuous time.

I have not practiced medicine since the incident in May because of self-doubt and anxiety. Mr. G. was concerned about my situation and suggested winning focus as a way to deal with my emotional difficulty. He got in touch with Ms. Gail Fiore. She got in contact with me promptly and suggested Dr. Peter Druian as my support person.

I have had two sessions with Dr. Drurian and he helped me to see the event in a very different light. It has been a very positive experience. I am very much looking forward to future sessions with Dr. Druian with his helpful insights into my situation.

I really appreciate this program to help me cope with the stress.

With regards,
T. K.,M.D.

I wanted to share with you my experience during this past year with Gail Fiore and her team.

After finding out about being sued, I felt alone, depressed, confused, lost, anxious, and the list goes on and on…

Gail support me since the beginning getting back with me in a very impressive fast time, within minutes after I had contacted her she was calling me back, she send me information that was very helpful and made me feel that I was not alone going through this and that other had gone through this same path, this in a way was reassuring.. I know it sounds crazy but that’s how a felt and I learn that I was not alone and that all the emotions I was having were “normal” for what I was going through.

I started working with Maggie Baker and she helps me break the cycle of flashbacks, anxiety, not being able to focus and through a long process of coaching and stress tools. I slowly started to get my life back in medicine. This helped me tremendously and I went from wanting to quit medicine, depression and extreme anxiety to where I am now, still practicing medicine, I learn to like what I do again, still with some anxiety but able to care for my patients, back to being
efficient at my work and how much time I was spending with patients. I love what I do, the reason why I became a physician.

An email can not really put the whole picture together, but I hope this will give you an idea. I was very lucky and now I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be the physician I was before all this happen, l know myself better now and I have grown both personally and professionally because of this experience.

Thank you.
S. F. E., MD, MBA

Dr. W,
I want to sincerely thank you for all that you and the staff at (Professional Medical Malpractice Liability Company) do for the practices and individuals that have malpractice coverage through (Professional Medical Malpractice Liability Company). I have been a pediatrician at (ABC) in Birmingham, Alabama, for my entire career, 19 years. During that time I have always been able to receive help in a timely manner for numerous questions by calling (Professional Medical Malpractice Liability Company). The events of 2020 that have affected every soul in some form have affected some even more deeply. I am a 50% partner in my small practice. Late in 2019, the founding partner of the practice retired and one of the other physicians in the group took over his share of ownership. Additionally, one of the employed physicians at my office went out early in 2020 following knee replacement surgery. As if that were not enough change, our practice hired a new physician out of residency in August, 2019, and moved from paper charts to EHR in October, 2019. Needless to say, (ABC) was already in “embrace change” mode when COVID-19 hit!

In mid-March, a group of pediatricians met at (XYZ)’s Birmingham to discuss how to approach the realities of the changing landscape of providing pediatric care as the pandemic became personal. One week later, on March 20, 2020, just after celebrating his 21st wedding anniversary, my brother felt a sharp pain in his chest and fell to the floor of his living room. He had suffered a massive heart attack and did not survive the ambulance ride to the hospital. My already-tenuous hold on keeping everything together fell apart. When I heard about the confidential coaching support that (Professional Medical Malpractice Liability Company). had arranged through Winning Focus Inc, I felt that I should investigate the service further. I contacted Gail Fiore at Winning Focus and discussed everything that had transpired though late March, 2020. She was attentive and genuinely cared about my concerns. Gail connected me with an excellent counselor and therapist who helped me manage my stress in a constructive manner. Through the coaching I received, I have been able to get back on track with my personal
life and professional life. The work mantra that my office has embraced is “the only thing  consistent is change”. Through the support of my wife and three sons and my work family, the outlook is certainly brighter than it was 6 months ago. I truly cannot thank you enough for offering this coaching service through Winning Focus. (Professional Medical Malpractice Liability Company). has helped me professionally over many years and now has helped me personally—I will be forever grateful.

R. M. W., MD

I hope you are doing well. As you probably know, I was recently named in a claim. I decided to try the Winning Focus services out of curiosity, and as a physician leader interested in provider wellness. The program has been very beneficial for me in minimizing stress, and dealing with the emotions associated with litigation. I highly recommend the program, and encourage others to consider using the service.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding my experience, and hope (Professional Medical Malpractice Liability Company) will continue to support the program.

Best Regards,
M. O., MD

I wanted to take a moment to thank you, again, for being such a reassuring presence and providing me with such valuable resources immediately after reaching out with news of litigation.

One of the recommendations you made to me was to consider working with a coach at Winning Focus. After completing my intake interview and my first 2 sessions, I wanted to update you and share my experience thus far.

The intake interview with Gail gave me the opportunity to share key points of my personal and professional background, as well as to express my greatest concerns. Based on that conversation, we selected a coach whose experiences and areas of expertise mirrored my needs. I’ve now had 2 sessions with my coach, Betsy, who has proved patient, supportive and insightful. She is providing me safe time and space in which to work through this devastating and distracting
situation: knowing I have time set aside with her allows me to more readily compartmentalize the experience, stay present, and focus when I’m with my patients and my family. I am learning strategies for success that not only mitigate the stressors of litigation, but are applicable to any significant life or occupational challenge. I would strongly recommend this process and program to any medical provider who finds him- or herself in the unenviable position of litigation, and am grateful to (Professional Medical Malpractice Liability Company) for partnering with such a valuable team.

Sounds like you’ll be a part of our conversation tomorrow…this is my first formal meeting with the team and will be my first opportunity to set eyes on the medical record. I have a session with Betsy scheduled for the following morning as this will surely bring new feelings and concerns to the surface. I wish I didn’t need any of these people / resources, but am grateful that they are in place!

Thank you again,
K. T., MD

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the support you and your team have given me over the last couple of months and for providing the referral for psychological support through Winning Focus. I wasn’t even totally aware of how profoundly affected I was by the lawsuit. Learning that a family member perceived my care as less than the best for someone that I had tried very hard to help was soul wrenching . It brought a career of service into question and sadness that wouldn’t leave. I don’t think I am exaggerating to say that this could have ended my ability to be a good physician. I had tried to find someone locally without much success (I’m still trying). Highest praise goes to Peter Druian for his guidance and his pursuit of the goal to work best with attorneys and accusations, but also to commit to the goal of maintaining excellent service for those who I care for now and in the future.

I was surprised at how effective support could be by telephone and how flexible Dr. Druian was with his time. He was engaged and unscripted. I feel he identified my issues accurately and skillfully guided me to strength and health. There are many things that we do at (Professional Medical Malpractice Liability Company) that I wish we did better, but providing support to physicians in times of psychological stress is one I am proud of my organization for. I would feel that even if I wasn’t the one who needed it.

Thank you.
J. N. A., M.D.

I wanted to write you brief note of gratitude for the opportunity to work with Winning Focus. As you know, I have greatly struggled after being the true victim of a medical malpractice lawsuit. Winning Focus worked diligently to find the perfect match of psychological and spiritual counselors for me. I doubt that I would still be practicing medicine today if it weren’t for the support that I was given by the staff at Winning Focus. I am so thankful that (Professional Medical Malpractice Liability Company) cares enough about their physicians to provide such an invaluable service, while being confidential and without financial burden to the physicians.

J. W., MD